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Alla's Pawn Shop
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Monday - Sunday 10am - 7pm

No Credit Check ... $$$

We are your Computer Pawn Shop. You can Sell or Pawn Computers, Desktop, Laptop, Notebook, Monitors, Printers, Copy machine, Fax machine etc…
Cash - 5 minutes. No Credit Check.

We are locating in El Monte, California 5 minutes from downtown Los Angles.

It is simple to pawn your Computers, Desktop, Laptop, Notebook, Monitors, Printers, Copy machine, Fax machine

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Rules :
Alla’s Unique Pawn Shop Store - happy to offer to you two options:
I.Option: Sell ANYTHING OF VALUE from $25 to $15,000
Instant Cash to you!
II.Option: You do not have to Sell your items to us. We will Instantly Loan
you Cash for 4 months 10 days on your item/s!   No Credit Check.

Your item/s is Insured and Safe with us!

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Alla's Unique Store has many repeat satisfied clients who keep using our services again and again to help them meet their living needs or if they need Instant Cash. Please call our office representatives:   1-800-301-0772  
Our Location
Monday - Sunday 10am - 7pm
Phone:  1-800-301-0772
We Pawn, Loan or Buy Computers.
We pay Cash. No Credit Need it.
  Copy Machine
  Fax Machine
  HP / Compaq
  IdeaPad notebooks
  IMac Desktops
  Mac mini Computer
  Mac Power Desktops
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Personal Loan Disclaimer. Regarding Pawnshop store California Notice of Charges CFC 21003

A loan consists of a 130 days repayment period. Please read Disclosure of Loan Interest Fees rates, Annual Percentage Rate (APR) with terms and conditions: https://a-pawnshop.com/loan-fees-and-privacy-policy.html A. We provide a minimum and maximum period for repayment Annual Percentage Rate (APR), which generally includes the interest rate plus fees and other costs for a year based on California Law. B. Representative example of the total cost of the loan, including all applicable fees C. This loan has 180 to-be-paid loans from the date the loan is issued All loan interests $2,500 and under are regulated by the California State. California State Interest The following is the California law on basic interest charges for pawnshops as of January 1, 2023. The actual law can be found in California Financial Code Section 21200.5. The description of the law below has been rewritten in laymen�s terms. A 2.5% interest charge per month on the principal (loan amount) of the loan, including, but not more than $225. A 2% interest charge per month on a principle loan amount of more than $225, including, but not more than $900. A 1.5% interest charge per month on a principal loan amount in excess of $900, including, but not more than $1,650. A 1% interest charge per month on a principal loan amount from $1,650 to $2,499. Loans $2,500 & Over Interest is Negotiable for all loans starting from $2,500-$30,000, we have special programs for high-valued loans and our interest rate is lower then other financial lenders. Loans or Buys $2,500 and over must be called in prior to coming due to security restrictions. APR Details An example of a loan with an amount financed of $525 would incur in a 33.14% APR and the total amount due at the end of 120 days in order to redeem your item will be $599.75.